Not only is Nampa, Idaho, a great city for you to live in, it’s a great place for wildlife as well! The Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, located along Lake Lowell is a perfect example of the lifestyle and values found in Nampa. Adults and children can enjoy nature, learn about the environment and observe wildlife in this beautifully conserved natural habitat. If you and your family love nature and enjoy outdoor activities you’re sure to find the culture in Nampa attractive. Not only can you appreciate animals in their natural habitat but you can get out on the lake to enjoy fishing, kayaking, boating and swimming. Visitors can also hike, hunt and picnic throughout the refuge. To learn more about the animals found in this habitat the refuge puts on various events and outings to engage both adults and children. Nampa is a great city for individuals and families with a desire to live in a place where the wild-life is a short drive, or bike-ride, away.

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